Rogue Antispyware

Beware of Decrypt Protect Virus ransomware

By Luciana on May 17, 2013 Do not give your money away for Decrypt Protect Virus! The fraud may be quite convincing as it presents itself as some kind of cyber police. The scam displays a warning message “informing” its victims about crimes committed using the compromised PC. Read more.

What is Win 8 Protection 2013 and why it is dangerous

By Luciana on May 16, 2013 Win 8 Protection 2013 is not a program to trust. It is quite good at imitating design and alerts of a security tool but that’s about the closest it gets to being a malware remover. Read more.


Facebook Token Hijacker removal

Facebook Token Hijacker removal

By Gina on February 12, 2013 Facebook Token Hijacker is a malicious infection which uses the Facebook platform to spread various computer infections. Facebook Token virus collects personal user data such as financial details, online activities and then sends the gathered information to its developers. Read more.

Rocra/Red October malware

By Gina on January 16, 2013 Rocra/Red October is a fake application which is targeting governmental, diplomatic and scientific research organizations. Read more.


Rogue message about Jim Carrey's death is spreading fast

Rogue message about Jim Carrey's death is spreading fast

By Gina on December 13, 2012 Fans of Jim Carrey are sharing fake message about the well known actor's death. Jim Carrey has NOT died despite the news floating online. Do not believe it in any circumstances because cybercriminals are used to make up the news or even use it in their malicious ways. Read more.

Rogue American Express email leads to phishing scam and malware

By Gina on November 13, 2012 Lately, American Express customers have been getting a rogue email which supposedly informs them about an aborted transaction or terminated incoming transfer.The rogue email contains fake links that will lead its victim to various websites that serves Blackhole kit. Read more.

Spam and email

All your feels are belong to us: Tumblr worm

All your feels are belong to us: Tumblr worm

By Luciana on December 5, 2012 Tumblr blogging platform has been quite glitchy past few days and the reason for that is a worm attacking its users. This infection-hack-parasite-scam was designed specifically for Tumblr and it caused a lot of trouble. Read more.

Facebook in black: a fast spreading scam

By Gina on November 15, 2012 Lately, a wide spread new scam are attacking social network users. If you get a message stating you can get Facebook Black by clicking a link, be sure that this is a scam.Social networkers are getting messages they can switch heir regular black colour to a black one. Read more.


Windows 8 confronts malware

Windows 8 confronts malware

By Gina on November 13, 2012 According to Bitdefender Win 8 OS isn't immune for 15% of the most popular malware online. This security firm has tested various widespread computer infections, trojans, worms and other malware and discovered that most of them can infect the latest Microsoft Windows OS. Read more.

Shockwave Player update patches 6 flaws

By Gina on October 25, 2012 Recently Adobe released a security update for Shockwave Player. It fixed 6 serious vulnerabilities which could lead to malware-pushing exploits.Shockwave Player and earlier versions on both Windows and Mac need being updated to the latest version - Shockwave Player Read more.

Computer Security

Most common passwords used on the Internet but hacked, 2012

Most common passwords used on the Internet but hacked, 2012

By Gina on October 26, 2012 SplashData's annual list of worst passwords of 2012 has arrived. The provided list represents users of any of these passwords that most likely will be victims in future breaches. The list shows of most frequently used weak passwords that are easily hacked by cybercriminals. Read more.

Bad days for Java: a new security hole is found

By Gina on September 27, 2012 Another Java hole was discovered which could be used to bypass Java’s secure application “sandbox” and this time it may affect more Java versions than previous flaw. Read more.

Security basics

How to protect your WordPress blog?

How to protect your WordPress blog?

By Gina on August 24, 2012 Nowadays, WordPress becomes one of the most popular blogging platforms of the amateur and professional. Despite its ease of use and much more other attractive capabilities, WordPress needs being protected from malware attacks and other serious infections it may catch. Read more.

Top 5 most damaging computer viruses

By Gina on July 12, 2012 It seems like computer and viruses are inseparable from each other. Nowadays, malicious programs give a huge fortune for cybercriminals. Malware they design spread quickly and force users into falling for these scams. Read more.