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100,000 Websites Were Attacked by Hackers

By Luciana on June 10, 2010 | Computer Security, Hack, hijack, malicious web page, malware

Recently a huge hack attack was accomplished. 100,000 websites including newspapers, police departments, and other large organizations, have been hit by an attack which hijacks users to malicious web page that tried to install user's computer with a malware.

David Dede a head of malware research at Sucuri said that Google search on Tuesday announced about 100,000 web pages were infected. The infection was done by using SQL insertion exploits which allow attackers to change with a server's database. The attackers used the exploit to insert iframes in the deceptive sites that hijacks users to robint.us.

Dede confirmed that SQL insertion attacks came from Chinese IP address However, with the help of Shadowserver Foundation, robint.us has been disabled. More information you can find at Sacuri's report .

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