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A Bug Found in OpenSSL

By Bryan on March 5, 2010 | Vulnerabilities, OpenSSL, severe vulnerability, open-source A Bug Found in OpenSSL

A “severe vulnerability” was found in the OpenSSL. Computer researcher's used software encryption package that allows them to rebuild a machine's confidential cryptographic key. The flaw in OpenSSL is important because the open-source package is used to protect sensitive data all over the world.

An independent security researcher Karsten Nohl commented: “Wherever you need to verify the origin of a piece of software or a piece of information, those building blocks come in handy."

There is a good news. According to scientists from University of Michigan, the bug is easily fixed by applying cryptographic sequence to an underlying error-checking algorithm. These random sequences will make the attack impossible.

An OpenSSL official commented that engineers are in a process of patching the flaw. It is also true that  scientists are experimenting with the possibility of exploiting the bug using lasers or natural radiation sources.

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