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Be careful by using password manager, RATS can breach it

By Gina on September 24, 2010 | Security basics, RAT's, strength password, Remote Access Trojans, computer security, antispyware program, antivirus program, computer protection Be careful by using password manager, RATS can breach it

A security analytic Robert Siciliano encourages users to create strength passwords but also warns about the RATS a.k.a „Remote Access Trojans“ as a new and huge danger for your computer, including your personal information.

According to R. Siciliano, RAT’s are every hacker's dream and gain. Security analyst confirms that RAT’s lurks on every keystroke user types. It is also able to take a screenshot of your desktop and takes its effort in making a video of your desktop and launching it through your webcam.

However, the most dangerous thing it can do is that it gains to have a full access to your personal data. For this it can access your passwords if you use password manager.

RAT's spread via malicious attachments to your email, various malicious websites clicking on links that are promoted on fake pop-ups, or installing a legitimate toolbar or any other program which you think is legal and uninfected. RAT’s usually monitor user’s PC without their knowledge and consent.

An unsafe computer is a celebration for hackers. It is easier for them to trick you and use your shattered vigilance for their malicious intentions. Use antivirus and antispyware programs to protect your PC. It is very useful to run it often and regularly.   

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