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Chinese scammers imitated legitimate ad companies

By Gina on September 2, 2010 | Phishing, Chinese scammers, phishing, media agencies Chinese scammers imitated legitimate ad companies

Recently Chinese scammers were caught for rogue advertising. They attempted to pretend to be legitimate media agencies. The culprits were using rogue advertisements for making users to believe in their legitimacy and force to spend their money or even to get personal information.

This kind of scam is very noticeable because of its increase in the number. One of scammers was traced back to China.

Hackers were pretending to be a legitimate advertising company and were able to sell rogue advertisements. They also inserted code into the mix of an advertising network’s rotation. Scammers purchased their malicious advertisements through the use of dubious communication sent to company. Attackers presented themselves through an email with a very simple text that they represent advertising company and would like to run an advertising company with them.

Moreover, after an email is sent to legitimate company cybercrooks also send a credit sheet or references that may convince people in their reliability and good intentions. It seems like ad networks will definitely accept the offer because it means more money for their company. However, they have no clue that they can be scammed.

It is not surprising that people would go for these offers easily because so many websites are based on advertising. It keeps many web pages alive. Scammers that want to make money for their own ruin business for legitimate companies. What is more, it can even lead to user’s personal information and identity theft.

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