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Comodo Dragon Browser's Appearance

By Jason on February 17, 2010 | Computer Security, Comodo, Dragon, Browser, Chrome, Google, Security, Comodo Dragon, Comodo Dragon browser

The open source engine expects its new product Comodo Dragon browser will be the most secure of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google. It is said that Dragon has enough tweaks to make it marginally the most secure.

The main features of the Comodo's Dragon is that it is based on Chromium project code. It also can give warnings depending on the type of SSL digital site certificate and any present provide enough security.

What is more, Dragon is configured to transfer as little data to websites as possible. Especially, software errors would be transmitted for troubleshooting purposes, because that might be wrong for user's browsing history.

Furthermore, it is identical to Google's Chrome in terms of look and feel but different by its outlook. It is also has to be said that other security features for example control over cookies are all from Chrome.

Despite all its advantages, Comodo's Dragon looks more like a branding exercise than a real advance for browsers. And the choice still is among Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome and even Opera. 

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