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'Kneber' Botnet Attacks Computers Across the World

By Bryan on February 19, 2010 | Computer Security

'Kneber' Botnet Attacks Computers Across the World Security firm Netwitness have found a new botnet which caused a serious problems for 74,000 computer systems across the world. According to Netwitness it also is focused on stealing log-in credentials for e-mail systems, social networks and banking sites. It has to be noted that 'Kneber' is extremely difficult to find and has reportedly compromised data from various networks around the world. Read more.

Comodo Dragon Browser's Appearance

By Jason on February 17, 2010 | Computer Security

The open source engine expects its new product Comodo Dragon browser will be the most secure of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google. It is said that Dragon has enough tweaks to make it marginally the most secure. The main features of the Comodo's Dragon is that it is based on Chromium project code. It also can give warnings depending on the type of SSL digital site certificate and any present provide enough security. Read more.

Be More Careful on Facebook

By Luciana on February 9, 2010 | Computer Security

Be More Careful on Facebook A social networking giant called Facebook is not untouchable anymore for attackers who want to get benefit of it. It is not very surprising, because Facebook is just another way of communication and it is also a new vogue at the world. This portal and, I dare to say, a database of people personal information,  is a perfect land for attackers to spread a malware and take the precious information of those who put it there. Read more.

StopBadware Becomes Nonprofit and Independent

By Gina on January 26, 2010 | Computer Security

The initiative to help companies keep their websites spyware, adware and virus-free, StopBadware, is becoming an independent, nonprofit organization. StopBadware, which had left its HQ at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society just yesterday, from now on will only be sponsored by Google, Mozilla and PayPal. The new body - StopBadware, Inc. will continue its work on analyzing website data and searching for new online safety solutions. Read more.

Investigation of 32 million breached passwords reveals old tendencies

By Bryan on January 21, 2010 | Computer Security

Investigation of 32 million breached passwords reveals old tendencies Imperva security experts analyzed 32 million passwords cracked in Rockyou.com incident. The results of the study are not surprising: people still don’t care about their security enough to come up with strong passwords. Researchers have even compared the results to Unix password study done back in 1990; the variety of passwords remained almost the same.The problem with weak password is that it breaks easily against automated cyber attacks. Read more.

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