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Delete Windows Secure Kit 2012 scam

By Gina on March 29, 2012 | Rogue Antispyware, Windows Secure Kit 2012, Windows Secure Kit2012, Windows SecureKit2012, WindowsSecure Kit 2012, WindowsSecureKit2012 Delete Windows Secure Kit 2012 scam

Windows Secure Kit 2012 is a rogue security program. The only purpose it has is to pilfer money from unwary users that put their trust in this bogus application. It comes to the system with the help of trojan. Malware downloads and installs itself automatically without user’s knowledge and consent. 

Once active Windows Secure Kit 2012 starts to imitate computer scans and displays numerous security alerts and rogue warning messages that state about PC infections. As common for malware Windows Secure Kit 2012 will also offer to pay small fees for the fake program. Do not fall for this scam because it only gains to steal your money. You will not get legitimate security software as it states. Windows Secure Kit 2012 is not capable to protect your PC from legitimate viruses. Ignore all notifications but choose decent anti-spyware tool and get rid of Windows Secure Kit 2012 as soon as possible. 

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