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Facebook Hack Website

By Jason on May 6, 2010 | Computer Security, Facebook, Facebook hack Facebook Hack Website

The main purpose every hacker seeks is to pilfer money from unwary users. It seems like their malicious intentions are working and they are very creative in tricking people to spend their money to rogue tools.

Recently was discovered a new fake program which is combined with a fraudulent and totally useless web page. The URL is applehack(dot)webs(dot)com/fbhack.

This program claims it can hack whatever Facebook account you want to suggest. At first, it'll ask you to enter the Username of the victim and after that it shows you a pop-up. At the displayed message you'll see a text: “Before hacking you will be redirected through pages with ads to keeping this free. It takes about 30 minutes, be patient.”

This message states a real information because after clicking OK, your desktop will be flooded with various pop-ups. All those browser windows are an adware and even you don't need to install it. That is why keeping you away from this fake website can protect your private information and money. Simply entering a Facebook Username into this page is not going to give you an access to victims account, it just makes you a victim of this fakeout.

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