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Phishers use Adobe name to spread scam

By Gina on April 1, 2011 | Phishing, phishing scam, Adobe upgrade scam, Adobe Acrobat upgrade phishing scam Phishers use Adobe name to spread scam

Recently, a new phishing scam was revealed as Adobe upgrade. According to security provider Cloudmark , spam emails were noticed that offer users to download new Adobe Acrobat upgrade.

Email contains a link which leads users to website that supposedly gives an upgrade of Adobe. The web page uses the name “adobe” which should be a legitimacy sign of the site for users. However, this is another trick to gain users fall for this scam.

Bogus website gives users to fill a form that requires personal information and credit card of the user. Adobe Reader is a free product though. For this reason, asking to fill some kind of form that requires your private information should be suspicious enough not to fall for this blatant scam.

Adobe is aware about Adobe Reader upgrade scam and recommends being careful about it. The rogue web page masquerades in a tricky way, saying that the product has the ability to create and edit PDF files that has only paid Acrobat version. For those who want the whole product it can be difficult to not be fooled.

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