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Remove AnVi, AnVi removal

By Gina on August 4, 2010 | Rogue Antispyware, AnVi, An Vi Remove AnVi, AnVi removal

AnVi is a rogue anti-spyware application which is also a clone of other spam called Antivirus . The program is malicious and fraudulent. It only seeks to trick user into thinking their PC is infected and has to be healed with the “licensed” version of AnVi application. This is a fraud.

Malware downloads and installs itself automatically without user’s knowledge and consent. With the aid of trojans, spam emails and various websites it tends to be affiliated one can fall victim to this dubious application. Do not believe any information it shows because it tries any other way to gain your trust. AnVi imitates computer scans and shows numerous security alerts. For example:

Uncertified [program name] antivirus software detected on your computer. You need to remove {antivirus name} software for correct operation of the Antivirus.
Attention: If you don`t remove [program name] software, the performance of your computer will dramatically degrade.
Press “OK” to remove the [program name]

The information is unreliable and should be ignored. Do not buy this program in any circumstances because it will cause you more viruses and less money on your pocket. Malware can’t detect or delete viruses therefore it shouldn’t be trusted. The main thing you have to do is be vigilant and ignore all fake warning messages if infected. Use decent anti-spyware tool and get rid of AnVi malicious program.

Remove AnVi at spyvoid.com
Remove AnVi at spywares-remove.com
Remove AnVi at spywarevoid.com

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