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Windows Antivirus Care uninstall steps

By Gina on April 20, 2012 | Rogue Antispyware, Windows Antivirus Care, WindowsAntivirusCare, WindowsAntivirus Care, Windows AntivirusCare Windows Antivirus Care uninstall steps

Windows Antivirus Care is a fake anti-spyware program. It comes along with a trojan which leaves a backdoor for parasite to enter. It acts like legitimate security program. This is only imitation of anti-spyware tool. It is not able to provide any security actions.

Malware is distributed online and is difficult to avoid if one does not employ decent security software. This malicious application shows numerous warnings, security alerts, because it starts fraudulent scans and it is its way of making user to believe their computer is infected. It can also offer you to pay small fees for buying a „full“ version of Windows Antivirus Care. This is all scam. Do not purchase it. Choose reputable anti-spyware program and terminate the parasite instead.

Erase Windows Antivirus Care at spyvoid.com 

Delete Windows Antivirus Care
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Remove Windows Antivirus Care at spywares-remove.com

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