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Windows Antivirus Patch removal steps

By Gina on April 17, 2012 | Rogue Antispyware, Windows Antivirus Patch, WindowsAntivirus Patch, Windows AntivirusPatch, WindowsAntivirusPatch Windows Antivirus Patch removal steps

Windows Antivirus Patch is a counterfeit application pretending to be real security software. The program is yet another rogue anti-spyware program that tries to convince you into thinking your PC have been compromised. 

Once installed Windows Antivirus Patch will perform system scan and report fake malware infections on your computer. It may display fake security alerts as well. The parasite has only one purpose which is to milk money from unwary users. By flooding numerous pop-ups onto your computer’s desktop Windows Antivirus Patch seeks to trick you into thinking you have to buy a supposedly full application’s version of the threats removal. This is a scam and none of the information should be trusted. 

Malware also can hijack your browser to deceptive websites that sell bogus system. Do not purchase it in any circumstances. It is malicious and fraudulent. Use a decent anti-spyware tool to terminate malicious Windows Antivirus Patch program as soon as possible. 

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Delete Windows Antivirus Patch at pywarevoid.com

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