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  • Be careful! Malware group spreads quickly - New rogue family of malware seems like gains to invade as many systems as they can. Cybercriminals don't have vacation and are creating scams that target its victims. The main goal of all fake AV is to steal money from unwary users. February 23, 2012
  • Be careful of rogue programs’ family spreading in the web - It seems like scammers are not resting and creating new family of rogues that gains to force users into believing their “legitimacy”. As common for malware it spreads via trojan horses that come to the system through their flaws. May 25, 2011
  • New family of rogues strikes altered OS - We have already talked about the family of rogues that usually are well organized and spread across the web time after time. Recently, cybercriminals released new army of fake anti-spyware applications that should scare people and force them purchasing “r February 28, 2011